Anti Xenophobia Action


Anti Xenophobia Action


Welcome to Africa, young refugee,
fleeing from Herod’s murderous decree.
Here you’re secure, protected in our land,
safe from the massacre that Herod planned.

We need the peace & goodwill You can bring,
we need a just and gracious, godly King.
Stay here and heal our continent’s sad mess,
rescue our poor from their enslaved distress.


Why are you leaving, going north again?
Why are You leaving us still in our pain?
Your answer’s in the stars that shine above:
Southern Cross tells of Your sin-bearing love.


Your precious life is one lone mealie seed ~
only in death will it revive and breed,
yielding a copious harvest of new  grain
bringing more glory to the Saviour’s name.

Words:  Hugh G Wetmore (c)1995, 2006
Based on Matt  2:13 ,14,19-23   Is 9:6,7   1Pet  2:24    Jn  12:24 ,31,32
Tune: Refugee King by H Hudson  or  Eventide (Abide with me, fast falls the
eventide)  CD 4.9
or Maori (Now is the hour, the time to say goodbye… also used to sing
Search me O God, and know my heart today)   CD 12.9
or Highland Cathedral


We are heirs of the Father,
we are joint-heirs with the Son,
we are children of the Kingdom,
we are family, we are one.

There are still unreached people
for whom Jesus Christ has died,
they are foreign to the Kingdom
and the family ~ they’re outside.

Let us go as God’s messengers
let us bring them back home,
back into the Kingdom
and the family ~ to be one.

Words: v1 Jimmy & Carol Owens   Rom. 8:15-17
(c) 1974 Lexicon Music  Box 2222 Newbury Park Ca 91320
v2,3 Hugh G Wetmore   based on John  10:16
Tune: Heirs of the Father(Scripture in Song 165)
Under Copyright law, the tune may be named and sung but not reproduced
In association with any words other than the original words.


Lonely the foreigner, far from his family
speaking a language that sets her apart.
Often a refugee, fleeing from trouble,
needing a friend with compassionate heart.

Welcome the ostracised, outcast and alien,
Show Christ’s compassion as Saviour of all.

Care for the alien, stranger among us,
Show Jesus’ love to outcast and poor.
Heal the Samaritan, welcome the migrant,
Ostracised people must feel they’re secure.

Fear in his haunted eyes, as xenophobia
drives local people to drive them to hell.
Show them by word and deed, that Jesus loves them;
bring them to Jesus, the Saviour of all.

Unlike the world around, where selfish int’rests
deaden ubuntu*, and mad dog eats dog,
foll’wers of Jesus Christ must be distinctive,
showing an attitude like that of God.

Words: Hugh G Wetmore C May 2008 prompted by a request from Rev Kenneth
at a time when xenophobic riots spread through South Africa.
Metre:   11.10
Tune: Rescue the perishing, care for the dying (W H Doane) Alexanders’ Hymns
#73, or Great Hymns of the Faith #432     CD 5.5
*  ‘Ubuntu’ is the Zulu word for ‘humaneness’ caring for others because they
are human,
claimed by many to be an intrinsic African value.
The words “all kindness” may be substituted for “ubuntu” if so desired.
Promoted by World Evangelical Alliance for U.N. World Refugee Day 2013

Both the above songs emphasise God’s love and concern for the outcasts.  See
Exodus 23:9. Xenophobia is anti-Christian. Spiritually, Gentiles were
aliens, separate from Christ and excluded from Israel. Ephesians  2:11 ,12
Jesus came to call locals and foreigners to Himself and to one another. Jn


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