KZN Land Issues Programme

KZN Land Issues Programme

The KZNCC Assembly of 2007 mandated the organisation to play a more proactive role in attending to land issues in the province. Baseline research in both white and black communities revealed a willingness to meet and find solutions together. KZNCC is now assisting the land stakeholders to find solutions through promoting dialogue among them. The starting point was an understanding that conflicts about land will always be complex and may be resolved with an active and equal participation of those directly involved at local level including church leaders.



  • Promoting healing and reconciliation through processes like “Healing of Memories”, “Alternatives to Violence” (AVP), “Non-violent Communication”, and “Managing Diversity”;
  • Facilitating constructive dialogue between farmers and farm dwellers;
  • Offering capacity-building training for partners and stakeholders in communication, conflict resolution, lobbying and advocacy skills;
  • Hosting an annual provincial summit for stakeholders to share experiences, seek common ground and explore opportunities for collaboration;
  • Focusing on women living in rural communities and on farms who are affected by land issues;
  • Responding to human rights abuses which are raised by any group;
  • Publicising inspiring success stories;
  • Wherever possible, working closely with other organisations involved in land issues.