The KZN Church Leader’s Group urge you to stand for peace!
We are all reeling from the recent incidents in the province. It is true that
our country faces enormous problems of hunger, unemployment and
injustice. Blaming different groups of people based on their race, ethnicity
or nationality is not the solution.
Let us be the Peacemakers, the Children of God.

KZN Church Leaders Group Resolutions-12 July 2021

KZNCLG Resolutions 12.7.2021 (1)

KZN Church Leaders Group Resolutions
12 July 2021
The KZN Church Leaders Group met this morning to evaluate the current situation of violence and
unrest and to discuss the latest Covid-19 regulations. As a group we made the following resolutions:
1. Regarding the violence and instability in the province we resolve:
1.1. That we condemn, in the strongest possible terms the violence that has wreaked havoc
across our province: destroying property, infrastructure and businesses, intimidating
innocent people and causing widespread fear and anxiety. We state that this is totally
unacceptable and cannot, under any circumstances be tolerated.
1.2. That we appreciate that people have different viewpoints and opinions on the sociopolitical issues of the day, and we therefore urgently call for dialogue and practical
interventions from all parties and stakeholders rather than violence.
1.3. That we are concerned and anxious about the level of historic inequality we continue to
experience today. We call upon Government to urgently reduce the glaring and immoral
chasm between the rich and the people in the margins.
1.4. That we urge our political, social and community leaders to call and stand for peace and
calmness, so that the issues of the day can be addressed with the participation of leaders
from all sectors of society.
1.5. That we urge faith leaders to be visible in offering support wherever it is needed. As the
Church we have a key role to play in offering pastoral care, peace monitoring and peace
building at this time.
1.6. That we call on government, as the elected representatives of the people, to find solutions
which will meet the needs of the poor and needy, and which will protect communities and
businesses from thuggery. We also call directly on law enforcement agencies to play their
part in this regard.
1.7. That Government, the Faith and Business sectors and Civil Society together have an urgent
role to play in responding to those who are destitute and hungry; a situation which has only
been amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic over the past 18 months. Poverty and dire hunger
cannot be ignored and must be addressed immediately. Leaving these lived realities
unaddressed is not only immoral but will also prepare fertile ground for unrest.
1.8. That we urge those who are calling for and resorting to violence to reconsider your strategy.
Let us be clear; it is the poorest and most marginalised in our society – those who have
already been hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and its related lockdown restrictions –
who will again bear the brunt and feel the real pain of this violent unrest.
1.9. That we call all people of faith to urgent prayer. Prayer for peace and stability; for wisdom
and courage, for vision and leadership.
1.10. Finally, that we do everything possible to protect children, the elderly, the sick and the
vulnerable by actions which build faith, hope and love in the world around us.
2. Regarding the continuation of Adjusted Lockdown level 4 we resolve:
2.1. That we, the Church, have been supportive and highly cooperative of Governments’
restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic and our commitment has been, and remains to
be, to protect people from the spread of this virus.
2.2. That notwithstanding the above, we are deeply disappointed with the Government’s latest
pronouncement that churches must remain closed. We object in the strongest terms to the
continued closure of Churches given the rigorous safety precautions we are committed to
operating under. We also note the contradiction between some Churches operating as
vaccination centres, serving hundreds of people, but then not being allowed to open as
places of worship and other types of service to our communities.
2.3. That the current restrictions are no longer sustainable. They severely hamper the Church’s
financial sustainability as well as our ability to perform our multiple roles in the lives of
individuals and communities (including but not limited to the key roles we play in
spirituality, community development, community safety and protection, peace keeping and
mediation, employment, psycho-social support and care for the most vulnerable)
2.4. That in order to continue offering these essential services at this critical moment in our
province, we need to at least 50% of a Church’s capacity. We as the Provincial Councils
of Churches commit to establishing guidelines and rigorous self-regulation processes,
through our existing ecumenical structures, to ensure that these safety measures are adhered

COVID-19 THIRD WAVE: Letter to Church Leaders

Third Wave – letter to Church Leaders


Dear Church Leaders,

Dear Pastors and Lay leaders

Dear Fraternal and LEAN members across KZN

Urgent letter as we face the onslaught of the third wave

We have been quiet the last few months as we’ve been in a process of discerning the role God has for the KZN Covid-19: Churches Respond project moving forward. We are still in the midst of this process, but we are aware that the pandemic is at a critical point as the third wave, in the form of the Delta Variant, wreaks devastation.

Our first response is to ask God in his mercy deliver us from all evil, and to keep our province and our people safe. We are deeply aware that this crisis has directly affected many of you as church leaders; the burden of care that has been placed on you has been huge, the financial burden of the ongoing lockdown has been significant, and the spiritual weight of leading people through a global crisis has been enormous. May we take a moment to stand with the “cloud of witnesses” who have gone before us and cheer you on as you continue to run the race marked out for you.

We would also like to highlight the 5 pillars within this project; areas where your LEAN, fraternal or Church could take some immediate action, or join some province-wide action, to provide faith, hope and love to your communities at this time:

Letter to His Excellency, President C. Ramaphosa

Dear Sir, Your Excellency, President Cyril Ramaphosa

 Queries on the regulations of re-opening of Churches in covid-19 Level 1

The KwaZulu Natal Christian Council (KZNCC) and KwaZulu/Natal Church Leaders Group (KZNCLG) appreciate efforts by Government to curb the spread of Covid-19, and support these by regularly reminding all members of our congregations to adhere to Covid-19 regulations. We are doing this by developing a theology to understand better the coronavirus pandemic by looking closely at earlier pandemics, in order to discover scientifically proven processes and procedures for dealing with the phenomenon currently facing us.

With this in mind we call for the following:

  1. That Government reconsider the regulations announced on the 28th February 2021;
  2. That the numbers allowed for gathering under this lockdown level differ greatly from those of previous regulations for that level;
  3. That this difference be addressed in order to remove the inconsistency in government’s announcement;
  4. That the President and his team reconsider their decision on religious gatherings after meaningful consultations with Church Leaders.
  5. That government revert to the 50% of the venue’s capacity with Covid-19 health regulations and protocols strictly adhered to.
  6. That while in 2020 congregants had accepted the decision to suspend all Easter Services to support efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, a year later with infections dropping and vaccines available, the Churches, leaders and members, are requesting a serious consultation with government.
  7. That government needs to hear the spiritual effects which ongoing closures have on communities and individuals.

No one knows how much this lockdown has cost the Church socially, psychologically, economically and spiritually. Many have had to close, unable to pay rent, rates and salaries. Since the Church’s mission is to support and care for the needs of the poor, it cannot simply ignore the extremely serious consequences that closing for extended periods has had on its ability to accomplish its vocation which besides the spiritual and emotional includes the social health and welfare of the community.

We remain committed to use the religious gatherings to educate to our congregants to adhere to all Covid-19 protocols for the safety of the community at large. That is the driving reason for engaging with government to find the most effective ways of serving the community, but the poorest of the poor in particular.

United with you in the service of God and His People.

Yours in Christ


KZN Church Leaders’ Group Chairperson                            KwaZulu Natal Christian Council Chairperson                                  

+Wilfrid Cardinal Napier OFM                                       Bishop Nkosinathi Myaka

2020 Seasons Greetings

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