Children & Youth Programme



Coordinated by a young, passionate and vibrant Rev.Nkululeko Khumalo; the KZNCC Children & Youth Programme specialises on caring for children and youth that are subjected to a wide range of social and economic difficulties: psycho-social distress, grief, stigma, discrimination, isolation, and economic deprivation, loss of educational opportunity, burdensome domestic responsibilities, and fear for their own future. As a result of the socio-economic situation and the HIV and AIDS epidemic, all children in our province, particularly are potentially vulnerable.  There are many ways of defining and evaluating vulnerability, yet in this case the communities we work with themselves best define vulnerability.  We depend on them in identifying the children known to be vulnerable.


Promote the wellbeing, resilience and dignity of children who live in exceptionally difficult circumstances and are not easily accessible because of their location, their work or their circumstances.

Mobilise local churches, local ecumenical organisations, local business and local families to practically contribute sustainable solutions to the plight of children at risk, protect children and promote children’s rights. (Strengthening community based initiatives and social safety nets);

Workshops to develop skills of children, raise awareness and educate communities so that there is an increased respect of children’s rights.

Strengthen existing strategic networking and partnerships among stakeholders in order to exchange and expand knowledge, skills and experience, strengthen capacity building and lobbying and advocacy for child rights and increase human and institutional resource mobilisation by December 2019;

Increase child participation where appropriate in all issues that concern them from community, district to provincial level, considering their evolving capacities;

Increase the percentage of children with birth certificates in KZN by at least 25% by December 2019;

Increase new school enrolment of OVC in KZN by at least 25% by December 2019, while ensuring retention of OVC in primary and secondary schools;

Increase access to nutritious food, health services, shelter, water and sanitation for all OVC by December 2020;

Reduce the number of children who live outside of a family environment by at least 25% by December 2020 (this includes children living without adult guidance, children living on the streets, and children in institutions).

Street Children are exposed to risks such as substance abuse, prostitution, health hazards and crime.