Churches’ Provincial Advocacy Program

Churches Provincial Advocacy Program

This is a crosscutting initiative in all KZNCC programmes.

One of the most important roles of KZNCC is to help the Church engage with public policy in the KZN province from a faith perspective. Since 2003 KZNCC was involved in lobbying and advocacy (prophetic voice and pastoral action). Through this, we have able to create a platform for constructive and critical engagement with KwaZulu-Natal’s provincial legislature and government, local business and religious structures. The prophetic voice and the pastoral care ensure that a Christian influence is brought to bear on the legislature, religious bodies and local business so that social services and care are effectively delivered, especially to the poor, marginalised and the weak.


  • Engaging with provincial government on key aspects of policy, especially as these affect the poor;
  • Facilitating Church submissions to policymakers so as to influence policy formulation and implementation;
  • Training and supporting member Churches and organisations in lobbying and advocacy related to key aspects of delivery;
  • Developing research capacity, and using research undertaken by others;
  • Clearly articulating the KZNCC position in relation to the current problem of the fake pastors and the unscrupulous Churches taking money from unsuspecting congregants;
  • Engaging local business, government and the public at large regarding christian ethics, values and principles;
  • Initiating and supporting community advocacy campaigns.