COVID-19 THIRD WAVE: Letter to Church Leaders

Third Wave – letter to Church Leaders


Dear Church Leaders,

Dear Pastors and Lay leaders

Dear Fraternal and LEAN members across KZN

Urgent letter as we face the onslaught of the third wave

We have been quiet the last few months as we’ve been in a process of discerning the role God has for the KZN Covid-19: Churches Respond project moving forward. We are still in the midst of this process, but we are aware that the pandemic is at a critical point as the third wave, in the form of the Delta Variant, wreaks devastation.

Our first response is to ask God in his mercy deliver us from all evil, and to keep our province and our people safe. We are deeply aware that this crisis has directly affected many of you as church leaders; the burden of care that has been placed on you has been huge, the financial burden of the ongoing lockdown has been significant, and the spiritual weight of leading people through a global crisis has been enormous. May we take a moment to stand with the “cloud of witnesses” who have gone before us and cheer you on as you continue to run the race marked out for you.

We would also like to highlight the 5 pillars within this project; areas where your LEAN, fraternal or Church could take some immediate action, or join some province-wide action, to provide faith, hope and love to your communities at this time: