December 2012 Newsletter

KZNCC Chairperson’s Christmas Message – Bishop Mike Vorster
“In This Time Of Advent Let Us Allow People To Speak For Themselves ….”   

Those in power tried to define John the Baptist in John 1: 19 to 27, on their terms :
“John, are you the Prophet and Messiah?”
John answers: “No – I am not the Christ.”
“Then who are you? Are you Elijah?”
John says: “No.”

We hear the voice of men asking women:
“Is it not your place in society to stay at home in the kitchen? Are you not to be subservient to all that I say and demand of you?” 
The answer from women is: “No – we’re not your slaves”.

We hear the voice of the bosses in work places saying to their workers :
“Is not your loyalty to the company, therefore we can underpay you and make profits for ourselves?” 
The workers say: “No – we’re not mindless robots, we need a living wage.”

Adults ask young people and children :
“Are you not just an unruly and undisciplined bunch who need a good thumping every now and again to keep you in line?”

Young people say: “No – we’re not your punching bags.”

Should people not be allowed to speak for themselves?

What John says about himself?
As these questions about his identity are thrown at John, it is as if one can hear the impatience in his voice – give me a chance to explain for myself who I am. He replies in the words of the prophet Isaiah:

“I am the voice of the one calling in the desert, make straight the way for the Lord.”

He could well have claimed any of the titles given to him, and exploited it for his own gain. He could have deceived himself and his followers for a while, but soon the truth would have caught him out. He sets the record straight and is clear about who he is and what his function is.  He is the one to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah.  “The thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie .”

During this time of Advent and Christmas may space be allowed for the least and the most oppressed in our country and world, to express who they are and not the way the powerful want them to be.

We thank God for the work of the KZNCC staff and Executive for their tenacity over this last year as together we have overcome some huge obstacles. Whilst we know we are not out of the woods yet, we praise God for all that is past; and trust God for all that’s to come.  Peace and blessings.

2012 Developments at KZNCC: A Brief from the CEO (Dr Douglas Dziva)

Cardinal Napier addressing the AGM

In line with the principles of good governance, I ensured that the following structures are in place and operational to contribute to good governance of KZNCC.

  • Human Resources Sub-committee –  The committee consisting of Bishop Dr N Ndwandwe, Advocate Agrippa Mpongose, Dr Douglas Dziva and Mr Philip de Bruyn.
  • Fundraising Sub-committee  – Consisting of Dr Paddy Kearney, Ms Mary Kleinenberg, Dr Douglas Dziva, Dr Lucas Ngoetjana and Mr Philip de Bruyn. It meets regularly to work on resource mobilisation strategies to meet KZNCC’s short, medium and long term financial targets.
  • Finance Sub-committee  – Consists of Rev. Ben van Dyk, Ms Lundall and Dr Douglas Dziva.
  • Management Committee  – Consisting of Dr Lucas Ngoetjana, Ms Estelle Lundall and Dr Douglas Dziva manages the daily operations of KZNCC.
  • Executive Committee -  Members are Bishops M Vorster,  N Ndwandwe,  D Gabriel and S Zulu, Rev.  G Scriba and Rev. Ben van Dyk.

In 2013 we will co-opt two women leaders to have gender balance in the Executive Committee. 

In my first round of consultations I held 22 meetings with KZNCC member and organisations helped to renew our relationships and to explore new possibilities for cooperation and support. Next year I will meet with the remaining members. The meetings yielded exceptional concrete agreements and new work possibilities.

In 2013, rather than wait till the time of the AGM, we plan to invite all members of KZNCC at quarterly intervals for to revitalize our relationship, for fellowship and joint work.

PROGRAMMES  - Dr Lucas Ngoetjana
We are proud that activities were implemented in accordance with the KZNCC 2011 Strategic Review recommendations; namely that KZNCC should play the role of supporting member churches and ecumenical organisations in implementing the planned activities rather than implement its own separate activities. We are grateful that clergy and laity, especially from the Lutheran and Methodist churches, came in numbers and hugely contributed to the planned activities as well as to the co-ordination of some of the work. This full participation of member churches in planned activities shows their affirmation of the work, see it as relevant and own it.

  • In 2013 we will seek greater practical and strategic participation of more KZNCC churches and organizations in specific planned ecumenical initiatives.


  • We are opening-up opportunities for people from our member churches to come and offer services in support of KZNCC on a voluntary basis. Work to be done will depend on your experience.
  • We are creating “ work-place exposure opportunities ” for young people from member churches. This will help young people gain necessary basic work experience and exposure to work environment. 
  • The Dutch Reformed Church/KZN Christian Social Services (Negemadi Training  ) is  providing WRSETA accredited training in the following courses : Social Auxiliary Work, Community Health Care, Ancillary Health Care and  HIV Aids. KZNCC and DRC-KZNCSS will consider applications for 2 people selected and endorsed by each of the member churches.  For more information contact 034 318 2295 or 084 406 4953 or  e-mail:
  • Lutheran  Church  leases three farms to KZNCC-  In support of KZNCC, the Lutheran Church-SED   lease three church farms to KZNCC for a 10 year period at no cost. In 2013 we are using the farms to  (i)  train church people on food production, to contribute to social cohesion as people from various racial backgrounds work together in the farms, to   generate funding for KZNCC and the church.                                  

We appeal to member churches for your support with expertise in commercial farming / food production and with material resources.

Your suggestions regarding our aim of creating opportunities to serve you and to support KZNCC will be accorded top priority consideration. Kindly contact me on

This is the plot at Bishopstowe that was worked on by the EEP trainees  after their theoretical training. They made 30 door size plots and planted various vegetables; these are growing very well, and  from Monday the 10th of December, the same group will transplant the vegetables to a bigger plot. The facilitator was Mrs Thoko Zulu from TAMCC


  • New webpage –  enjoy it by clicking on
  • Electronic bi-monthly new newsletter – publicise your news by forwarding copy the content to
  • KZNCC facebook – We are open to publicise member churches’ work on KZNCC Facebook.
  • New KZNCC flier/brochure  – In 2013 our brochure will be translated into IsiZulu.  We are now a member of   
    the Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business –  We will forward PCB news to KZNCC members.

News from Ecumenical Partners in KZN

In September KRCC (supported by Oxfam) started a DRR (disaster risk reduction) project whereby 20 people were trained in disaster risk reduction.  The trained people visit communities, schools and churches to raise  awareness about hotspot areas and seasons for fires and floods and on how to implement good practices to avert disasters.

The DRR Awareness Campaign has seen children from Bagibile High School – mentored by Sthembile and Nothando from the KRCC – prepare drama on climate change to inform their community.  As a result of this work, local knowledge has been harnessed by bringing together unemployed women for dialogue on indigenous ways of minimising the effects of disasters. This will contribute to reduced damage/ loss of property, and livestock, as well as loss of lives.


SKZNCC and clergy in the southern areas of the province, decided to work on issues of Disability and living with disability.  About 30 pastors are involved in various activities that include training churches on awareness on various levels of disability, support that communities should offer, as well as lobbying and advocacy targeted to local municipalities to ensure that facilities are user-friendly to people living with disability.

  • Rev. Nombuso Mapalela from the office of the Premier and Ms Balungile Cele from the Ugu Disability Forum are offering valuable support for the success of this initiative.
  • Two pastors living with disability were nominated to be in the Ugu Municipality Disability Forum to contribute to discussions and implementation of recommended transformation.

The Thukela Amajuba Mzinyathi Christian Council (TAMCC) is scaling-up its work on gender justice. In view of the increasing rape cases. Protracted efforts are being enforced to mobilise more women in leadership positions and in churches to be involved in advocacy for gender justice, awareness raising efforts targeted to male clergy were intensified and now 80 minister,  trained as male care-givers, have signed a commitment to offering practical support in the ministries of the male-care-givers project.

  • We plead with church and community leaders in Thukela-Amajuba-Mzinyathi districts to join us in this important work. 


The MCC, formerly launched on 19 July 2012 has a membership of 20 churches in the Umgungundlovu district.

Their major work is on  HIV and AIDS, developing a Theology of Care and Lobbying and Advocacy  on the HIV and Aids SAVE campaign because of the extraordinarily high number of people living with HIV and Aids in Umgungundlovu (about 37.4% people are infected with HIV). Prostitution involving young girls has reached outrageous levels. Equally distressing are the number of taverns open till late at night, abuse of drugs and the crime in the city.  We are mobilising youth and particularly young girls to be involved in our educational workshops, advocacy campaigns and awareness raising about drugs.

Please join us in prayer about this depressing situation and support our advocacy campaigns.


KZNCC sincerely appreciates your support, dedication and commitment to our vision of ecumenical development in 2012 and in the future.  Your steadfast support and prayers for KZNCC and SACC are a source of our encouragement and hope.


PACSA (Pietermaritzburg Agency for Community Social Action), an independent, faith-based NGO that facilitates development processes to achieve social and economic justice in the uMgungundlovu District of KwaZulu Natal, is looking for a new Director to take the organisation into its next period.

The successful candidate is expected to effectively perform the following functions.

  • Lead the team in visioning, strategic thinking and overall planning processes;
  • Analyse the current socio-political context from a social justice and Christian values perspective, to position the organisation to be effective, and make strategic changes quickly;
  • Present and represent the organisation responsibly in relation to different publics;
  • Strategic financial planning: Plan for and raise sufficient finance for the operations and development of PACSA
  • Hire the appropriate people to contribute to the values and work of the organisation;
  • Oversee all aspects of operational functions, including:
    • programme planning and management
    • financial planning and management
    • human resources management, and
    • internal and external communications.
  • Develop and maintain effective governance systems under the leadership of PACSA Council.
  • Inspire the team to appreciate and work out of the shared values of PACSA.
  • Promote and develop PACSA’s shared developmental practice;
  • Oversee learning and development within PACSA, including staff, volunteers and leadership;
  • Build, develop and sustain respectful and functional relationships between staff, as well as between the organisation and all its stakeholders, with a strong emphasis on community partners

Basic requirements

  • At least 2 years’ experience in leading or co-leading an organisation;
  • Experience with working in multicultural and diverse environments;
  • Excellent communication skills in English for reporting, communication, publications and media;
  • Proficiency in spoken Zulu would be an advantage, and having workable strategies to work with multiple languages in different contexts;
  • Commitment to grappling with the faith foundations of social justice and change;
  • A Christian faith commitment to social justice;
  • A postgraduate qualification would be an advantage.

Further details of the position and application requirements are available at

  • Closing date: 
    16 January 2013, 4 pm
  • Date   of appointment:
    1 April 2013

Applicants are invited to submit an application letter, CV, 3 references and samples of written documents to . .

Please note:  PACSA is an equal opportunities employer. PACSA reserves the right not to make an appointment. Candidates will only be contacted if they are shortlisted


KZNCC has ways to enable your voice to be heard by policy makers in the KZN legislature. We invite you to come and meet policy makers and present issues for their attention. The KZN Legislature was very kind and shared with us the November and December 2012 dates for Parliament and Portfolio Committee meetings:

13 November 2012
KZN Parliament
244 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg


  • Finance at 09:00
  • Agriculture at 09:00
  • SCOPA at 13:00
  • Conservation at 13:00

16 November 2012
KZN Parliament
244 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg


2 December 2012
KZN Parliament
244 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg


4 to 6 December
KZN Parliament
244 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg


10 to 14 December
KZN Parliament
244 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg


17 December to January
KZN Parliament
244 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg


20 December 2012
KZN Parliament
244 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg


  • Works at 09:00
  • Social Development at 09:00
  • Human Settlement at 13:00
  • Health at 13:00

23 December 2012
KZN Parliament
244 Langalibalele Street, Pietermaritzburg


  • Community Safety at 09:00
  • Education at 09:00
  • Transport at 13:00 PPP at 13:00