Heed the laments of the electorate

‘Heed the laments of the electorate.’- Bishop Siwa tells new administration

Now that the elections results have been announced, accepted and endorsed, there is every reason to celebrate and look forward to service delivery that transforms communities and improves their quality of life.

“The Methodist Church of Southern Africa (MCSA) commends and congratulates the South African population for demonstrating their commitment to democracy by turning out in their large numbers to cast their vote. It is encouraging to observe the manner in which the public has demonstrated maturity in the way it conducted itself in these elections,” said Bishop Siwa, the President of the SACC and the Presiding Bishop of the MCSA at a Local Preachers Convention in Cape Town.

“Now starts the real test of turning the beautifully worded manifestoes into reality for those who have placed their faith in the parties that won. We trust that promises made by those in government to the electorate will be prioritized and every effort pursued to see to their fulfilment.”

The dignified manner with which all political parties accepted the outcomes and the results is commended. We congratulate the African National Congress for winning five consecutive general elections.

The laments and discontent expressed by the electorate before the elections must be heeded and there must be evident honesty in delivering on promises. We urge all parties represented in Parliament to commit to serving the nation with justice, honesty, truthfulness and humility. May we, the voting public, also desist from the use of violence as a means of expressing our discontent. Rather, let us make use of the correct channels available to those who may feel aggrieved to seek redress and to hold accountable those we have entrusted with our vote.

We commend the Electoral Commission for a sterling job in delivering yet another successful plebiscite endorsed by the observer mission.


Ziphozihle Siwa

President: South African Council of Churches

Presiding Bishop: Methodist Church of Southern Africa


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