Letter of Commendation of a Researcher

Follow-up Research on People on ARV treatment (ARVt) and People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) on the Social and Spiritual Shifts and Experiences of Individuals, Families, Society, Places of Worship and Health Institutions

Introduction: The KwaZulu Natal Christian Council (KZNCC) seeks to do a follow-up sociological and religious research on people on ARV treatment and People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA). The details, on aims and objectives, confidentiality, publication, and intended utilisation of the information and such related matters, and the request for consent of participants are spelled out in this document of commendation of researchers.

Aims and Objectives

  • To interact with people on ARVs and PLWHA, to unearth the social and religious questions they are struggling with, for the purpose of entering their world and together seek ways of sailing through in hope.
  • To discover from people on ARVs and PLWHA from the health sector, places of worship and society, for the reason of informing church leaders for the betterment of the situation by lobbying and advocacy.
  • To draft a research document for presentation to the provincial ministry of health and affected ARV roll-out health centres for consideration and implementation with the advocacy office monitoring through the Provincial Ecumenical Advocacy Forum (PEAF) and by so doing seek the improvement of the conditions of the particiapants .

Informed Consent: The Researcher will Observe

Protection to Right to Privacy and Confidentiality: The interlocutor is assured by KZNCC, the

right to protection, privacy and confidentially regarding the information divulged.

Duration of Project: The project commences from the 26th October to the 26th November 2009. Follow up processes and programmes shall be negotiated anew.

Procedures to be Subjected to: The participants shall be subjected to one-on-one interview, group interview, group interpretation and reflection, and adoption report at provincial conference.

Benefits: According to the aims and objectives of this exercise, the advocacy office of KZNCC hopes a change of attitude from inhumane treatment to a humane treatment with human dignity, improvement of conditions from counselling programmes, supervision, affordability of treatment and access to facilities shall be effected. It is in the nature of social and religious processes of change, that much as some can be immediate and tangibly observable, in most cases they are gradual and sluggish and yet measurable. The participants shall be recruited for training in candle making, card production, decor skills and organic gardening skills.

Risks: A socio-religious research designed in this manner has a risk of miscalculation and misinterpretation of data. The personal risk of participants is negligible.

Termination from Participation: The participants have the freedom of terminate from participation at any time during the research period and subsequent programmes emerging from these proceedings.

Publication and Use of Results: The research report ‘document’ shall be published at the envisaged conference. Quotations and other forms of acknowledgements shall be handled according to the agreements and approval of the participants observing privacy and confidentiality. The document shall be used as a lobbying and advocacy tool for the enhancement and betterment of the conditions of people on ARVs and PLWHA.

Yours Sincerely

Dr Lucas Mogashudi Ngoetjana Head of Advocacy KZNCC