Male Caregivers Programme

Male Caregivers’ Programme

The Male Caregivers’ program commenced in 2006 with the research on attitudes and behaviour of men in a context of the rapid spread of HIV and AIDS, political violence, gender based violence and other problems around patriarchal structures and systems. The research was followed by the recruitment of male clergy committed to gender justice, peace building, conflict resolution and reduction of the spread of HIV and AIDS and its impact.
Part of the work includes mainstreaming gender questions into the care-giving activities, peace building and conflict resolution work, the quest for justice, the reduction of the spread of HIV and AIDS, lobbying and advocacy campaigns and the theological dialogues on problems around masculinity and patriarchy.

Emphases of Male Caregivers’ Programme:

• Encouraging and training men to give practical care and psycho-social support in the context of HIV, violence and the ongoing killings;
• Collaborating with other stake holders to influence positive transformation around masculinities and ways to contribute to just and peaceful families and communities;
• Lobbying government, Church, tertiary training institutions and local business to engage man encouraging them to take care of their wellbeing, their families and their communities;
• Supporting Men’s Forums to increase the impact of their efforts in reaching out to other men;
• Developing bible studies and pastoral letters for distribution in Churches;
• Providing opportunities for Church leaders to discuss these issues.