Memorial to the Victims of Armed Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Liminaire – Mémorial virtuel de la RD Congo

My country has been bereaved, for nearly three decades to the present day, by multiple armed conflicts with their countless victims of massacres, summary executions, rapes, looting, etc. And despite the incredible magnitude of this disaster, there is a heavy, deafening silence…

Fortunately, voices are rising more and more to break this silence around these war crimes, these crimes against humanity, this possible genocide… as I said in Oslo, in my nobel peace prize acceptance speech, “a report is rotting in the drawer of an office in New York. It was drafted following a professional and rigorous investigation into war crimes and human rights violations in Congo. This investigation explicitly names victims, places, dates but evades the perpetrators. This Mapping Project Report, prepared by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, describes no less than 617 war crimes and crimes against humanity and possibly even crimes of genocide. What is the world waiting for it to be taken into account? »Liminaire – Mémorial virtuel de la RD Congo