Our Members

In 2019 we have more than 50 members.


Members of the KZNCC:

  • are enriched by becoming part of a wider ecumenical family with links to the SACC, the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) and the  World Council of Churches (WCC);
  • are alerted to situations and developments that call for a Christian response;
  • share information and action strategies with Churches and Christian organisations from around the province;
  • learn how to strengthen the voice of the Church by inter-Church collaboration;
  • have access to many ecumenical training and exposure opportunities;
  • benefit from various types of capacity building/training as requested by member Churches and organisations.


Members of the KZNCC:

–      attend and participate actively in meetings and events;

–      communicate issues from their Church/organisation to the KZNCC and vice versa;

–      encourage members of their Church/organisation to take part in the life and work of the


  • encourage other Churches and Christian organisations to become members of the KZNCC;
  • act as ambassadors for the KZNCC in their own circles of influence;
  • pay an annual membership fee and in other ways promote the financial sustainability of the organisation.

If your church wants to become a member apply by using this form.

Link to download application Form