SOFIA Program

SOFIA Program


SOFIA is an abbreviation for Sisters of Faith In Action

The program mobilizes women from various faith communities and creates safe spaces for them to deliberate on issues that affect women. The major issues are around gender injustices, various forms of violence, femicide, environmental degradation and the problems around degradation of the family and the moral fibre, as well as issues around sexual reproductive health rights.

This program focuses on women and how they can support each other in addressing issues that affect them, and also addressed men on the male care givers project and how they can contribute positively to promote gender justice.



Emphases of SOFIA (Sisters Of Faith In Action):


  • Mobilising and creating spaces for women to dialogue, network and partner in seeking sustainable solutions to identify problems;
  • Analysing situations of different women in leadership and presenting the analysis to inspire other women aspiring to be in leadership;
  • Running workshops and theological reflections by women on gender justice issues as presented in the sacred writings of various faith groups;
  • Creating strategic networks and partnerships to support initiatives run by women.
  • Strategic campaigns to influence policies on gender; target is policy makers within an African Traditional courts systems and local businessnto fully implement current policies that promote gender justice;
  • Creating safe spaces where women can dialogue, share experiences and learn from each others.
  • Rolling-out lobbying and advocacy activities to empower and support and strengthen women in positions of power;
  • Capacity building workshops for ordinary women as requested.