Staff retreat hailed as ecumenism at its best!


The staff members of the ecumenical bodies including KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council, KwaZulu Regional Christian Council, Southern KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council, Thukela Amajuba Mzinyathi Christian Council and Midlands Christian Council were delighted at the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the allure of nature in Mtunzini, northern KwaZulu-Natal, while equally reflecting on the successful run of 2016.

The purpose of the outing was for stakeholders to take stock of achievements and challenges encountered during the year. This also presented an amazing opportunity for members to mingle and learn about each other better outside the confines of the daily grind.

Musa Zwake, Deputy Director at KZNCC, said it was a privilege for the organisation to be to provide an opportunity like this to interact with each for a common good. “I’m inviting all of us to seize the moment and be here in our fullness. This is a space for us to reflect individually and as a collective in a jovial mood and environment.”

It was important to use this time, not only to refresh, but also prepare for the tasks ahead. “As we retreat, we are not running away from the communities or the world, we are not isolating ourselves; but we seek to see the world from and without,” said Rev. Mathias Nkomo, KRCC Chairperson.

oRev. Nkomo put cherry on top by quoting the body theology used by Paul in 1 Corinthians 22, which explains that our talents and gifts are interdependent. As such let’s all be guided by the principle that “my talent needs your talent, your talent needs my talent”.