The KZNCC through its work and in-depth analysis following the recent spate of gruesome attacks and killings directed to the Foreign Nationals in KwaZulu-Natal, have identified the Department of Home Affairs as a key department in the fight against the scourge.

It seems as if the lack of information and knowledge about types of migrants found is South Africa is another source of the problem. Most civil servants lack information and knowledge about the different types of migrants, their identity documents as well as rights that entail these migrants.

The type of document for each category and the rights goes along with that type of identity document seem to be private information reserved for the Home Affairs Officials. Most police have been reported to be uninformed about this and being ignorant of this and display their frustrated through shoddy treatment and often unlawful detentions and arrests of foreign nationals.

Consequently, Government institutions such as hospitals, schools and Department of Labor, prisons and Judiciary’s civil servants are uninformed about types of identity documents and rights for the different types of migrants.

Given these set of facts, the KZNCC, KZN Church Leaders as well as Ecumenical Movements at large have asked an audience with the Minister of Home Affairs, Honourable Malusi Gigaba to address these issues and concerns. In this conversation, the Minister will answer specific questions that will be raised by the Church Leaders and well as hear testimonies from the victims of Xenophobia and related intolerances.

Date:                    27 August 2015

Venue:        St, Philomena’s Conference Centre, Durban

Time:          9:00 – 13h00

For more Information please contact Dr. Lucas Ngoetjana 076 29 3686