Wartburg Rape Case


The KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council (KZNCC) and ecumenical organisations in KwaZulu Natal; Thukela-Mzinyathi regional Christian Council (TAMCC), KwaZulu Regional Christian Council (KRCC), Diakonia Council of Churches (DC of C), Midlands Council of Churches (MCC) express sadness and shock at the rape of a 94 year-old grandmother by a 25 year old man in her Wartburg home near Pietermaritzburg.

This barbaric act follows a series of recently reported rape cases such as the seven men’s gang rape of a 17 year old girl in Soweto, as well as the two young women’s allegedly rape of a mentally challenged teenage boy in Soweto last month.

  • KZNCC, the KZN Ecumenical Movement together with churches in KwaZulu Natal condemn this despicable cruel act in strongest terms possible.
  • We call upon faith leaders to pray and to pay pastoral visits to victims of rape, as well as to preach morals and a strong sense of right and wrong to the youth.

–  We call upon all people of faith to publicly condemn rape and acts that violate women and children.

  • We call upon all victims of rape and their families to go public and report to the police the violations inflicted upon them.

–  We call upon Magistrates to impose stiff penalties to perpetrators of rape.

  • We appeal to the entire province to join us in the Thursday in Black, a campaign of mourning gender injustices; the domestic violence, the murder of women, the physical and psychological battering, the verbal abuse, the financial depravation and all forms violence perpetrated against women. (Diakonia Council of Churches leads this campaign where everyone is urged to dress in black every Thursday. This is symbolises mourning the current perverse gender injustices (for details phone 031-3103513 or director@diakonia.org.za ).

The on-going scourge of rape in our country is a societal problem that requires responses from all of us in order to solve this pandemic. Our varied responses will contribute to the restoration of morals, ethics, spirituality and human values.


Bishop Mike Vorster – KwaZulu Natal Christian Council Chairperson Dr Douglas Dziva – KwaZulu Natal Christian Council CEO

Ms Nomabelu Mvambo Dandala – Diakonia Council of Churches Executive Director Rev Gugu Shelembe – Thukela-Amajuba-Mzinyathi Regional Christian Council Director Mr Mxolisi Nyuswa – KwaZulu Regional Christian Council Director