Science meets Entrepreneurship in the global arena

Thuli is the co-founder and co-director of Nka’Thuto EduPropeller NPO and Nka’Thuto TechnoPropeller PTY(Ltd). Since its inception in 2017 the organisation has employed 17 black youth, raised close to 30 million rand in funding, and impacted over 40 000 learners. The organisation brings technology and innovation to the playgrounds of schools situated in marginalised communities. Its vision is to become the number 1 STEAMi ecosystem in Africa. Through the years the Nka’Thuto ecosystem has led to the conceptualisation of 1100 inclusive technology-based solutions to societal problems. The mission is to ensure that as many of these solutions reach the people for whom they are intended hence the inception of Nka’Thuto TechnoPropeller PTY(Ltd). Afterall the slogan for Nka’Thuto is “Giving light to new ideas”. The NPO has since been awarded by the Charlotte Mmanya Mexeke Institute for astounding contribution in STEAM.

Young, Black, Woman and in the Sciences

Thulile Khanyile is a lecturer and doctoral candidate at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS). Her study is investigating preventative vaccine strategies against HIV-1. Her highest qualification is a Master of Science in Medicine MSc(Med) where she specialised in Molecular Medicine and Haematology. During her MSc degree she was employed by the Council for Science and Industrial Research (CSIR). For her study she investigated the use of laser technology for the targeted delivery of antiretroviral drugs against HIV-1. Part of being an academic involves supervising post-graduate students for which she has graduated a master’s student. She is working towards supervising and graduating more students after completing her doctorate.

“Being a scientist does not have to mean boring. It can mean youthful, colourful, fashionable, intelligent and definitely cool.”


Owing to her accolades Thulile has been featured on numerous media platforms including but not limited to:

  • Publications such as Destiny magazine, Drum magazine and several newspapers with one of her Sunday Times interviews being included in the current Interactive English grade 12 home language learners’ book. 
  • She has appeared in several television interviews and appeared on documentaries such as stories untold on SABC news, LifeCheq, eNCA and on RealTalk with Anele to name a few.

“My goal is to show African girls that the face and future of Science and Technology is us.”