Our decision-making structures are:

COUNCIL – made up of representatives of all our member Churches and organisations, which meets at least once a year for the Annual General Meeting.

EXECUTIVE – Members elected from the Council at the AGM, who meet quarterly.

MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE – the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Deputy CEO and Finance Manager meet monthly to make decisions about the day-to-day work of the KZNCC.

The current Ex Co members are: Bishop D. Gabriel (chair), Dean N. Myaka, Major M. Phore, Rev N. Hlumayo, Rev M. Zondi, Bishop B. Buthelezi, Bishop T. Seleoane, Bishop S.B.B. Ngcamu and Rev G. Scriba as a consultant on KZNCC properties.

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The current Chairperson of the Council and Executive is Bishop Dino Gabriel, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Natal. The CEO is Dr. Douglas Dziva.

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