Resolutions of the KZNCLG Symposium on Value of Human Life

Retreat House Mariannhill Monastery

28th September 2022


On 28th September the KwaZulu Natal Church Leaders Group held a Symposium at the Retreat House Mariannhill to consider the Value of Human Life which is currently under attack on many fronts. At the end of its deliberations, KZNCLG took the following resolutions:

  1. That obedient to the Revealed Word of God, we the Church Leaders of KwaZulu Natal, bind ourselves to live and operate strictly within the moral codes set out in that Word;
  2. That we hold those who exercise leadership under our authority answerable to the highest code of moral behaviour;
  3. That adhering to that moral code we re-affirm the inalienable dignity of every human person because life has supreme and unique value from conception to natural death;
  4. That we will engage with government to reaffirm the preciousness of human life with schools and the education system which is acting in loco parentis and therefore bound to uphold the highest moral standards regarding sex and sexuality – God’s unique gift for passing on life to the next generation;
  5. That we therefore call on government to give its unqualified respect for human life by taking practical steps to expunge the Termination of Pregnancy Act from the statute book;
  6. That we call on government to address the unacceptably high murder rate by eradicating the scourge of illegal firearms from our communities;
  7. That we call once again on government to expose and prosecute the instigators and perpetrators of the Violence and Looting which did irreparable damage to our Province in July 2021;
  8. That we will to the best of our ability and resources continue to offer counselling and psycho-social support to individuals and communities who suffered severe trauma in the events mentioned above, as well as the devastating flood that followed;
  9. That we commit ourselves to promoting justice, peace and reconciliation in those communities severely affected by the violence and looting.
  10. That we call on parliament to repeal all Laws and Ordinances which are contrary to the Law of God whose blessing we invoke every time we sing our National Anthem


The KwaZulu Natal Church Leaders Group resolves:

  1. To challenge the validity of the Termination of Pregnancy Act as against the Law of God which forbids the taking of all human life;
  2. To call for the rooting out and destruction of all illegal firearms from all communities;
  3. To reclaim its authority and independence from government by calling its own Prayer Services and not to respond to government efforts to dictate to it;
  4. To hold real reconciliation and cleansing in areas where there has been incessant violence
  5. To call on government to expose and prosecute those responsible for the violence and looting in July 2021;
  6. To assist member Churches to set up structures for screening those who present themselves for ministry especially in new communities or areas;
  7. To study cultural elements which have a bearing on good morals and customs.

DOWNLOAD THE Working document-2022 KZNCLG Symposium: The Sanctity of Life and Moral Regeneration Document


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