Causes of pregnancy in girl child pregnancies are as follows:

  1. Poverty and high unemployment rates result in transactional sex.
  2. Lack of education, knowledge, and awareness, particularly among girls from child-headed or dysfunctional homes. Moreover, family disorganization encourages individuals to engage in aberrant behavior.
  3. A judicial system without severe punishments to dissuade criminals.
  4. A society devoid of public values, ethics, and principles that no longer pressures individuals to conform to the values and ethics we prefer.
  5. The widespread societal and familial disintegration has put the girl child at risk of rape, abuse, and poor influence, as well as the likelihood of losing track and becoming pregnant or abusing drugs and falling through the cracks.
  6. The ever-increasing instances of rape and violence against girls, women and grandmothers.
  7. For young girls, there is a dearth of positive role models and nurturing environments.
  8. Lack of information on pregnancy prevention
  9. Cultural practices that allow child marriages
  10. Government laws that expose children to sex education without exposure to morality and protection by society.

Although having children is a blessing, it is important to mention that the adolescent mothers and their families have shared terrible experiences about the hardships they have faced as a result of giving birth so young. Mrs. Chiliza, the grandmother of one of the teenage mothers present at the dialogue, expressed her anguish on the edge of tears as she recalled how her granddaughter’s status as a teenage mother placed pressure on her as well, since she must care for the child with both the mother and father absent. Additionally, Mrs. Chiliza highlighted how she does not know who impregnated her granddaughter. Notably, such assertions bolster the statistics on the fact that obtaining knowledge about the fathers remains the greatest obstacle. A substantial number of births documented in 2021 lacked information regarding the father’s identity, making it impossible to collect meaningful data on fathers. It’s also worth noting that the province of KwaZulu Natal has a dismal record when it comes to registering new births.

In addition, a heartbroken mother revealed the horrific facts of her 15-year-old daughter’s presumed rape at a dumping site at night. She went on to say that because her daughter was underage and so required parental or guardian authorization, she was not able to receive the treatments she needed to terminate the pregnancy. This depicts the issue of nurses’ lack of knowledge, as minors aged 12 and older have access to medical information and assistance, including contraceptives and HIV treatment without parental agreement, according to the Children’s Act no. 38 of 2005 and this is inclusive of the termination of pregnancy (TOP). Because she is a foreign national hailing from Mozambique, the distraught mother also brought up the matter that she and her children do not have identification documents. This makes it impossible for her to obtain a job and live a regular life without the appropriate documentation.